with the LG museum set for an internal open tomorrow, client N bombarded me with questions this morning. i was ready though, and better to answer them now instead of a long distance on-site phone call tomorrow.

once that was over, i was basically free for the rest of the day. with temperature soaring into the 40's, i took the opportunity to walk down to the dollar store and get some manila envelope.

since the weather was so warm, i decided to work on the ice along the curb with my icebreaker. shards of ice was flying everywhere. all was well until a piece fell into my mouth. who knows what i ended up swallowing, everything from sewage, to road salt, to whatever else is in all that dirty snow. i decided to quit while i was ahead.

i did end up introducing myself to my relatively-new next door neighbor james. i've seen him a bunch of times and exchanged a few pleasantries, but only today did i finally get his name. turns out he's a bike messenger, which now makes total sense because i see him riding his bike all the time. he told me he's fallen off 3 times this winter (once when he was drunk though, so it's asterisked), but despite all the bad weather, they only had a single snow day. since he's a messenger he must know a lot about bicycles; i'll have to pick his brain one of these days, maybe get some equipment recommendations.

my roommate went to work rather late this morning; i was already up by the time he left the house around 9:30. for breakfast/lunch i opted for oatmeal, figuring i needed to take a break from the usual eggs and sausages.

in the evening i made a big pot of spicy mexican chicken soup with israeli pearl couscous. the recipe said to top off the soup with some shredded monterey jack cheese but it ended up becoming a big melted mess. still, a very good dish for cold winter nights. it was so spicy my nose was runny the whole time and i was afraid i'd use up a box of kleenex.

today i went back to my teas. my parents gave me an old thermos, dented on one side with a busted cap that doesn't insulate. however, it does hold an awful lot of liquids, and despite the broken lid, can still keep my tea hot for a few hours. this beats drinking from a mug or a glass, with my hot tea becoming cold tea in less than an hour.