with an all-day rainstorm scheduled for tomorrow, today was the perfect day to go out. even the weather was cooperating with temperature hovering in the 40's. i rode my bike to fresh pond, where first i got some packaging tape from staples before visiting the trader joe.

once again they didn't have any of my good earth tea. later when i did a search of retail locations on their company website, i noticed trader joe was no longer listed. you got to be kidding me, right? that particular tea was just about the only thing good at trader joe. if i can't find it locally, i may have to resort to online ordering, and the only way it'd be worthwhile is if i bought in bulk, like $100 worth of tea. why is good earth making my life so difficult? if only their tea wasn't so delicious!

coming back, i took the route along the fresh pond bike trail. i followed vassal lane (which runs parallel to concord avenue) to get to the cafe, where i stopped briefly before continuing my way home. i bumped into bruce, who promised me some oranges (courtesy of his mother).

just as i predicted (and secretly hoped), i didn't have any work today. clients kept quiet for the most part, which allowed me to do what i do best, which is basically lounging on the couch doing nothing and feeling slightly guilty about it.

i finally finished the last of my lasagna, freeing me from having to suffer the bloated gassiness of the pasta/cheese overload. it'll be a long time before i make lasagna again (which is what i say every time, but how soon i forget). maybe some spicy mexican tortilla soup with chicken for the near future, now that i got a box of israeli pearl couscous from trader joe.

victor came home late today, close to 9:00. it's still too early to figure out his pattern. he's definitely out of the house by the time i wake up in the morning. he's a private person, preferring to stay in his bedroom than hang out in the living room. he did come out for a while to watch the end of the miami-chicago basketball game, and the first half of the celtics-denver game (before he went to bed). that reminds me: boston celtics traded a third of their team today, including fan favorite nate robinson and championship veteran kendrick perkins. perkins was a real surprise; he wasn't my favorite but he was a tough player who wasn't afraid to mix it up and was good for rebounds and clean-up points. hopefully management has a grander plan than this. it seems like they're sacrificing a trip to the finals this season (when the team is currently number one) in preparing for some future rebuilding with the addition of younger players. this day will either be a mark of brilliance or a day of infamy for celtics fans.