i woke up before 9:00 to find my roommate had already left for work. as for me, i had a 10:00 meeting in brighton with client N. i gave myself 20 minutes to ride my bike down to their office. i had been there in almost a year and was surprised by some on-going renovation work. i was here to discuss the 2nd of two projects i'll be doing for client N, this one requiring a rush order since it's due in less than a week. i was working with a different project manager and get the sense that he was a little green, so i explained to him what was going to happen within the next few days and tried to reassure him that everything would be okay.

i began working as soon as i got home after fixing myself some eggs and sausages for lunch. this project was going to be done in director, which i haven't touched since the end of the summer. it took some adjustments, like commenting out code with the wrong hash marks, or realizing i didn't have to declare variable types, but lingo is my life blood and i quickly got back in the swing of things. the subject matter was pretty interesting, about chinese forced labor camps, and i even got to watch a compelling video. since their testing machine was going back to the museum tonight, i had to build an alpha version of the interactive by this afternoon and have it installed on that machine. i finally uploaded a version before 3:00 after testing it on my PC and fixing a few bugs. i told the client it'd take me 3 full days to have a finished product, provided they can get me all the graphics by the end of the week.

no word from client E (or the client's client), although i did send an e-mail this morning before i left for my meeting. it kind of worries me a little bit, since there was such a flurry of e-mails yesterday, to suddenly have none. i should take advantage of this temporary lull and put some more polish on the client N interactive.

my warman's national parks quarters collection folder arrived today. it's bigger than i thought and seems a little cheap. the holes aren't very well made and almost impossible to push in a quarter. it took me 15 minutes to finally squeeze in 3 coins. i'm still missing yellowstone and mount hood.

today's temperature got as high as 40°F but i didn't see any melting as things stayed dry. i did go outside with the ice breaker and chipped away at the frozen wall lining the sidewalk, just to make more room for the trash/recycle bins.

victor returned home relatively early today, around 5:00. he went straight to his room and slept for a few hours. later, while i ate some leftover lasagna for dinner, we watched some mexican soccer then an NBA game between the spurs and the thunders.