as much as i don't want to work, i also secretly wish it'd never end; this is my one and only project at the moment, and once it's over (i have a monday delivery), i've got nothing else lined up. there's nothing but an abyss waiting for me. an abyss with a new roommate to keep me company.

today i entered an all-encompassing work mode. i got out of bed at 9:30 and by 10:00 i already had my machine set up for a day of mental labor. around noontime i made some lunch, a serving of puffy (with milk) scrambled eggs with some chives and a few slices of kielbasa sausages cooked over the foreman. it was a pretty satisfying meal and it fueled me up for the rest of the day.

i left the house briefly when i saw bruce (sporting his new rubber boots) digging out a canal for the melt water to the storm drain. it was raining late last night and all this morning. by the afternoon the rain had stopped but the temperature suddenly took a nose dive. i was worried about my bike which was still parked outside; i don't want it to get encased in ice because i need to ride it tomorrow (grocery run).

i also left the house briefly again when my father (his birthday today) came by and dropped off my mutt tool. i spent a few minutes breaking some ice in a pair of empty parking spaces before deciding to come back inside.

basically for the next few days i'll be working all day until exhaustion, eat some dinner, watch some tv, go to sleep, and then repeat again and again. more hours mean i get paid more, but more hours also mean i'm closer to working myself into a brainless zombie.

i finally stopped at 8:00, my mind was already starting to lose focus. dinner came in the form of some frozen chicken fingers i heated up in the oven. it was only a few pieces - hardly enough to be filling - so i made some dan dan noodles as well.

is anybody else watching portlandia on the IFC? i don't get that channel but i've downloaded all 3 episodes online. the show is actually very funny, spoofing pretentious hipsters, feminists, organic nazis, dumpster divers, militant cyclists, craftsters - basically the denizens of portland, oregon. it starts fred armisen of saturday night live fame, which surprised me, because SNL in devoid of humor while portlandia is laugh-out-loud hysterical at times. the show has a kids in the hall kind of vibe, with armisen and his partner in crime carrie brownstein playing various characters, both male and female. armisen has a knack for portraying ugly pretty women. too bad the show is on IFC, which i don't think too many people subscribe to, and the series is only running for 6 episodes. but i eagerly await the next show (on fridays).

hoping to get to bed early. a combination of being tired, but i also really want to read some more of my washington biography. the siege of boston is about to start!