my father called just when i arrived at the cafe to let me know that he might not need my help cleaning the snow off the roof. i climbed up the ladder and saw that there was only about an inch worth of snow; i assume most of it had already melted on its own. we did clean some of the awnings, and a few had rips from the overload of snow.

it was a cold day with temperature in the 20's but i was warm in my puffy jacket. in belmont i let hailey out into the backyard. there are a few trails, which i think naturally formed from dog traffic. these pathways are deceiving because if you step off of them, you'll soon realize that there's about 2 feet worth of snow in the rest of the yard. this is a potential timebomb because should the snow melt too fast, the sudden surge of water will definitely flood the basement again. pumps and hoses are on standby for this possible natural disaster.

more toy photos:

in the late morning i went with my parents to do some grocery shopping in chinatown in preparation for the chinese new year dinner we're having for tomorrow night. we first stopped by the chinatown cafe to pick up some takeout for lunch (i managed to get my favorite, the spicy fried pork chop with rice).

my parents went to the former super 88 (now a c-mart) to do their shopping. the parking lot only has enough space for about a dozen vehicles, so i volunteered to sit out in the car across the street. 5 minutes later, an angry woman began knocking on my window, telling me to move. naturally i ignore her, because i wasn't blocking any driveway, and i was only standing. she went to all the other cars and managed to scare them into leaving before coming back to me. "move your car! you can't park here! this is a private building! move or the cops will tow you with you inside!" i didn't believe her and told her i'd wait for the police. "i'm not going to repeat myself!" she showed me her hand and left even more enraged. good luck with that, because it's going to be like this all day with chinese new year around the corner.

since i was the only car left, i finally decided to move. i drove around the block a few times looking for a new parking spot. i went as far as monsignor reynolds way before circling back. i finally found a spot on washington street, within eyesight of super 88. there was a line of cars practically parked on a left-turn only lane waiting to get an open parking spot. i'm not sure how long i waited, but i kept my eyes open for any ticketing cops in case i needed to move again (although i was technically parked at a legal metered spot, although i didn't put in any coins).

when my parents were done shopping, they called me to ask where i was. i drove up to meet them, we threw everything into the car, and then made our hasty exit back to belmont.

all i had for breakfast was a banana so i was pretty hungry by now the afternoon. my parents didn't believe i could finish my whole box of rice and porkchops until i proved them wrong by eating the whole thing. with nothing to do but wait until dinner hours later, i felt tired and decided to take a nap in my old room, with my mother watching one of her korean soap opera by the computer.

i didn't get up until 7:00, with feeding time again. honestly, i ate so much for lunch i really didn't need to eat anything for the rest of the day, but i had some chinese sausages with a bowl of rice.

my father said he'd give me a ride back to cambridge because it was so cold. i checked the temperature and it was only in the 20's, about the same condition when i arrived this morning. i did put on two layers of hand coverings, a pair of knitted gloves instead a pair of mittens. even then the tips of my fingers felt cold, but otherwise i was pretty warm. i was more concerned about climbing hills and watching out for traffic.