i hope my neighbors don't think i'm a racist. i put out my trash last night thinking it was trash day this morning, completely forgetting the fact that monday was the martin luther king holiday. i was confused when there was no trash pickup today until i finally figured it out.

i knew today would be warm but i was surprised by the intermittent rain. i thought about clearing out the snow from some parking spots before everything froze overnight, but my altruism only goes so far. besides, it was raining, and i didn't want to get soaked.

lunch came in the form of a tuna fish sandwich, just because i had to use up my celery before they went bad. like yesterday, i worked diligently in my home office bedroom. it was actually warm enough that i was able to work in my underwear (i did have my sweatshirt on though).

in the afternoon i went out briefly to pick up my HBP medication prescription from rite aid. i considered biking, but since it was raining, i walked it instead under the shelter of an umbrella. i also bought some shampoo and conditioner, going with the dove damage therapy energize lineup. and what's a rite aid trip without grabbing some snacks? they had a sale on häagen-dazs ice cream, smokehouse almonds, and chocolate bars.

the man in front of me in line was talking on his cellphone while paying. that's a pet peeve of mine. i think it's extremely rude to the cashier, and if i had a chance to relive that moment again, i'd tell the man to hang up his cellphone. i actually sort of knew the cashier: she and i had some light banter the last time i was there, when she commented on my choice of manly soaps.

for dinner i finished the rest of my tuna fish sandwich, followed by some orange slices and the last of my persimmons.

i find myself looking forward to bedtime just so i can read more of the blue tattoo on the kindle. because it's a pdf and not a specially-formatted ebook, i can't change the font size - which remains tiny. i still can't get over e-ink technology; the screen actually looks better the more light that shines on it. that's also it's weakness though, because i keep wishing the screen would glow so i could read in the dark. but a glowing screen would use too much power, and battery conservation is another hallmark of the kindle. i think i read somewhere that it can go a whole month's usage without recharging. besides, books are traditionally read with external illumination at nights, so it's not a stretch to expect the same of the kindle. i like that i don't have to flip pages anymore; it's great for reading on my side, because i don't have to fold the book in order to accommodate my awkward reading position.