thud. thud. thud. that was the chorus of the day, the sound of wet snow falling off of tree branches. every once in a while there'd be a loud twang (like pulling a guitar string) when the snow would strike one of the window screens. a good day to be me indoors, or if you do go out, it'd be smart to wear a helmet of some sort.

where does it hurt? my right shoulder blade. my right forearm. my left wrist. my right hand. my left arm socket. my left thigh muscle. this is the aftermath of not only clearing out my own sidewalk and backyard, but then helping my neighbors dig out 6 cars. it's just some aches, not like i'm immobilized. it'd be nice to sit in one of those massaging chair if my parents didn't already return it.

eating a pork-pulled sandwich for lunch, i realized i had too much. last night i managed to stuff all that pulled-pork into 2 large 32 oz. tupperware containers. even just one container it'd take me at least a few days, eating pulled-pork both lunch and dinner, before i could finish it. fortunately my father was in the neighborhood and i managed to give him the 2nd container. as for the leftover liquid, it finally congealed, forming a floating layer of fat about a centimeter thick. i carefully spooned off the fat into a doubled plastic bag and then poured in the rest of the liquid, to be thrown away.

i left the house just once to talk with bruce who was clearing the snow off of his car. i spent a few hours working in my bedroom office but stopped once it got dark.

in the evening my thinkgeek UPS package finally arrived. i'd been checking its progress all day but nothing had been updated since yesterday's snow delay. inside was my matrix clock. since i normally unplug my cable converter box when i'm not using it (after i discovered it was still using electricity even after i turn it off), i have no other clocks in the living room. i'd had my eyes on the jumbo display LED clock (AKA matrix clock) for a while, but it seemed like an unnecessary splurge at $35. but finally i decided to get it, using a $10 off $40 purchase coupon.

the time is arranged into 3 separate glowing green cubes (connected by computer ribbon cables) that can either be stacked or arranged horizontally. the numbers are pretty big and bright. originally i thought i'd place the clock on top of the tv, but the numbers are so distracting - especially the non-stop countdown of the seconds - that it wouldn't be a good idea. good thing the seconds cube can be detached if i wanted a more subdued display. the face of the cube is a glossy glass material that can pick up some glare from the living room lamps if i don't position the cubes correctly. the clock has a battery backup, so when it's unplugged, it still remembers the correct time for when you plug it back it. it'd be nice if i could dialed down the brightness, and it'd be supercool if i could change the color to something other than green. the clock looks most impressive in the dark, when i can't see anything but just these floating green LED numbers. i'm curious what's inside. is it really LED's? or a simplified LCD display? i'll have to take a power usage reading; if it uses too much power i might go back to return to my timeless state.

in order to get the discount, i had to pad my order to $40. i ended up getting a package of 8 rare earth fridge magnets for $6 (for that price i could buy 100+ rare earth magnets). i personally think a lot of thinkgeek stuff are overpriced and of suspect quality, and these magnets are a good example. the plastic portion wasn't molded very well, and one of the magnets even fell out (i superglued it back in). the magnets themselves don't sit flush with the socket, unlike some of my better-made fridge magnets. if it wasn't to pad my order, i would've never gotten these inferior magnets.

i made another batch of homemade ginger ale, this time using brown sugar instead of regular granulated sugar. i'm afraid i might've overdone it with the chili peppers though: i feel like i've made a hot sauce drink masked with carbonated sugar water. i took a whiff of the steam coming off of the steeping ginger/sugar/chili peppers, and even now i still have sweat on my upper lip from the spicy fumes. i don't have any lemons so i'll have to add that ingredient tomorrow. i've discovered that lemon juice (citric acid) makes the yeast work faster. i forgot last time as well, and when i finally did add the lemon juice, i could see the difference right away as my ginger ale started to fizz immediately.