i moved my motorcycle this morning to a much better parking spot. i removed the seat to get to the wirings. i could disconnect one of my rear signal lights and pull the cable so i could coat the recently-welded bracket with some rust-oleum enamel paint.

i realized right away that i couldn't easily get to the bracket with the small brush i purchased yesterday. even after trimming the bristles to make it smaller, it was still too big and would've made a mess. so i found a spare sponge brush and cut off a long sliver and painted with that. even then there were still some spots i couldn't reach.

i went down to the dollar store to see if i can find a small watercolor paint brush. they had one for a $1 but it also came with a set of acrylic paints that i didn't really need. i searched around for an alternative. that's when i found a package of pipe cleaners for $1 ("chenille stems" is their fancy name). they were exactly what i needed and i finished painting the bracket.

it was another 60's degrees day. too late to do any naturing (and with my motorcycle still missing a side view mirror, i didn't want to ride too far), i paid my first visit to my community garden plot to see if there was anything interesting going on. i ended up tilling the soil to uproot some early season weeds like ground ivy and celandine. i have a bag of manure that i plan on mixing with the soil sometime soon. it'll be my first time using natural fertilizer; in years past i've been using these miracle-gro pellets (not sure if they're better or not).

for dinner, i had some leftover pasta. community is my favorite thursday night show. my love for 30 rock has waned recently, but i still watch it out of force of habit. i have stopped watching flashforward though, ever since they revealed that their visions could be changed. i also gave up on v; not sure if it was intentional, but the alien visitors' message seemed too close to obama's message.

finally, last night's gonzo dream:

virtual reality networkable artificial intelligence - or something like that. these creatures resemble ants but they share a single mind. the first part of my dream plays like a video game, with the boss level about to come. this fight against the evil computer takes place in virtual reality and you need to wear goggles - of which there are only 2 - and eliza dushku of dolls has already taken one of them, and the other goes to the research scientist, so there aren't anymore left. wasn't like i was dying to volunteer anyway, since there was the possibility of actually dying. so me and a few other people in our group just sit around waiting for the action to end. 

bored, i leave (who does that anyway? leave during the grand finale?) and go outside dressed like a leprechaun wearing a santa hat. why? well, the leprechaun outfit happens to be the uniform of the lab, but just so happens there's also a parade outside - a st.patrick's day parade! gravity somehow doesn't affect me anymore and i have the ability to leap-fly. i jump over the spectators waiting along the sidewalks, they don't pay much attention to me. where am i? it feels like a mix of boston-new york-shanghai-tokyo, but the streets (other than the few onlookers) are empty. i leap onto an overhang of a building to watch the procession. the parade is more pride than irish celebration. tall drag queens dressed in green boas prance down the road, and a crew of young people wearing plush fruit costumes stop midway to pose for cameras. i regret not bringing my own but i'm also still feeling guilty over having left my friends back at the lab.