a trip to chinatown in the early afternoon to 1) get some smelly tofu for lunch, 2) turn in my old license plate to the insurance company so they can cancel the old policy (the woman there, having never seen a motorcycle license plate, was surprised how small it was), and 3) buy some groceries at ming's market. i had my southeast asia backpack (kelty) which is surprisingly expandable (otherwise i won't have been able to bring all that grocery back home).

later i went out for a run. the temperature was surprisingly cool (64 degrees) even though the forecast called for hot (80's) and humid weather. i'd read an article about body tricks and it said that if you exhale when you land on your left foot, that prevents cramping (got something to do with the position of your internal organs). i tried it, and i didn't cramp for the first half but started to cramp on my way back. if nothing else, it made me breathe a lot more (normally i exhale only after a few strides) to the point of hyperventilation, which surprisingly felt pretty good.

walking back, i made a detour to the garden to do some watering. there was one other person there, a woman with a corner plot watering her vegetables as well. apparently she's not one of these daily visitors and was amazed how well her garden was doing despite her recent neglect. she brought home a fistful of greens and herbs. i ate some more raspberries before i left.

around 6:10pm i watched a meter man making his round down my street. it's a new guy, not walker. this guy didn't even bother looking at my motorcycle, which is the way it used to (and ought to) be. it gives me no joy to think i did all that work re-registering my motorcycle in cambridge and now i won't have the satisfaction of sticking it to walker.

julie came over in the evening and made her french-style creamy tarragon chicken curry with asparagus. she was all frankensteined-out, still having trouble turning her head after suffering some mysterious back pains from this past weekend. at least it doesn't seem to be encephalitis, which i was pretty sure she had. while julie was cooking, i was struck by a sudden urge to clean the fridge for some reason. looking outside into the backyard, i noticed the lovely blue hydrangeas i photographed yesterday were missing. did my upstairs neighbors selfishly cut the flowers for themselves? how can i write them a note and not sound accusatory? julie and i ate dinner while watching the all-stars game. no surprise that the AL won again (it was close though, they should've kept papelbon for the 9th inning).