i'd forgotten about that project. the one that consumed me for weeks and months, the one that i'd spent 100 hours a week working on and sleeping in the office. building version 1.0 seemed like a million years ago. then last fall i got word of version 2.0 and hopped on aboard to do some fixes (despite the tragic history, i was strapped for cash, i needed the job). that gig lasted until the spring. now more than half a year later, that project is back. and i'm working on it again. i was at client S this morning getting briefed on what needed to be done. much had changed since my last visit; some old faces were gone (lisa, brian) while some new familiar faces took their place (barbara). the company also seemed to be under new management. i said hi to todd (perhaps the only person left from the original company) before sitting down with brice, who's now some sort of project manager but with a fancy industry appropriate title. the work they want me to do isn't very much (i was hoping for more) but it'll be a nice transition back to code world. after receiving all the assets on a freshly burned cd, i motorcycled to my parents' cafe to get some lunch. they were in the middle of making some homemade meat buns but i just had a bowl of beef noodle instead.

i didn't think it was warm enough to ride with the temperature being 45 degrees but for short distances it was still bearable. the secret is in the layering. plus today was a sunny day with hardly any winds. my hands got the worst of it: after a few minutes they felt like ice. if i can handle 45 degrees though, i just might be able to keep on riding until december (a personal record), or until the temperature dips into the freezing point.

i really wanted to go running (my fat ass needs exercising) but after walking around my house in my underwear for half an hour it just seemed too cold to go back outside. so i did the next best thing by cleaning the house some more, relocating the clutter in my bedroom to the guest bedroom closet. by that time i finally put some pants on.

in the evening my father dropped by with some fresh meat buns. after he left i watched the latest battlestar galactica episode. now that humanity has escaped the clutches of the cyclons, the intensity has subsided. in tonight's episode, cyclon sharon gets a new name ("athena"), apollo finally loses all that weight (which is remarkable, because it only took him a few weeks from what i can tell), gaius thinks maybe he's a robot, an emerging virus threatens to annihilate the cyclons, and the crew might've found the way to earth.

after watching friday night's slew of television programming (including an episode of house on USA) i jumped into the tub with the latest entertainment weekly. i stay as long as it takes me to read the issue from cover to cover: thank god it wasn't a special double issue, otherwise i'd be a permanent prune. drinking a glass of cold water, i couldn't help but to marvel at the amazing properties of this ubiquitous liquid. water is the only thing we consume that's tasteless. in fact, that's one of its defining qualities; if it had any taste to it, it'd be a juice or something.