today was my second friday since i cashed it in yesterday. if i was unmotivated to work yesterday, then i was more unmotivated today, on an actual friday. i started with my morning rituals: some light reading in the bathroom, taking my high blood pressure pills, feeding the fish, and watering the mushrooms with rainwater. then i sat down in front of my computer and "worked" for the rest of the day. the gloomy wet weather didn't help my situation, but at least i made up my mind that i wouldn't go running today (even though i should've, it was actually pleasantly warm, temperature in the 50's).

i had a fruit elixir for lunch and a pair of hot dogs, a true american food. in case you were wondering, i like the works on my hot dogs: ketchup, mustard, relish, and onions. i've been thinking about adding saurkraut to the mix as well, but is that more for sausages? my father dropped by in the evening to bring over some dinner (prepared by my mother). he helped me harvest a few more oyster mushrooms (placed in a glass dish covered by a wet paper towel in the fridge), and suggested i put the whole mushroom kit inside of a clear plastic case i had in the basement, in order to increase the humidity, since i was noticing some of the smaller mushrooms starting to dry up. rest of the evening i waited for the next episode of battlestar galactica; tonight we learned that the cylon fighters - which are actually living biomechanical entities - actually reincarnate into new fighters when they die, just like the cylon human clones. the end of the episode actually made me cry, it was that good. no doctor baltar or six in this episode, which is a good thing, he creeps me out with his constant scheming.

i had a hot bath, armed with my latest issue of entertainment weekly (oscar issue), my perspiring glass of cold water, and my taiwanese-imported incense sticks. when it was also over, the bathroom was a steam chamber, hot, humid, and smelling of incense smoke. it triggered a smell memory, when my father used to smoke in the bathroom when i was a kid, i'd go in after he was done, and i remember how it was all steamy and smokey at the same time.

jawei (2nd from left), my foreign exchange student
serving in the taiwanese navy
(they look like japanese school girls!)

finally, nate from oregon did a painting from one of my cambridge blizzard photos. check it out, it's pretty sweet! and here's the original photo it was based on (from 050123).