woke up this sunday morning (by morning i meant 12:30pm) to try some instant fried rice for lunch (from chinatown). it looks like astronaut food in a resealable aluminum bag. inside were "rice crystals" and 4 packets of flavoring. you basically dump in all the flavorings, add boiling water, reseal the bag and wait 8 minutes. viola! instant fried rice! this is as complicated as i get when it comes to making food for myself. it my first time trying this futuristic food, and i'm going to say, it's not my cup of tea. it tasted okay, the crystals expanded to become realistic rice, but i thought it was a little bland. though for less than a dollar per serving, it might be good emergency food.

later i was contacted by eliza jones and we made plans to sneak into the office at 5pm for a sunny late afternoon charles river run courtesy of daylight saving time. until then, i basically enjoyed a lazy sunday, watching television, thinking about running some errands but then not doing them. my one day weekend, i figured i have a right to be not very productive today.

at the appointed time i got to the downstairs office (via car), not a single person around. soon afterwards though, eliza arrived already dressed for business - the business of running that is. i quickly got changed and we left the office running, stopping only to stretch right at the start of our charles river route, before the mass ave bridge, and at the point before the boating office which i fondly call the duck bridge because i usually see ducks when i look over the side, waiting for eliza to finish her stretches. we ran across the longfellow bridge and didn't stop running until we got to binney street, 3 blocks away from our office. for some reason, on days when we think we'll have a bad run (like when it's cold and dark) we do pretty well, but on days when we think we'll do well (like today, in the 50's, blue sky, not a single place not lit by the warm rays of the sun), we end up doing poorly. eliza said the same thing, but i felt very tired today, breathing a little bit harder, really felt like i was pushing myself. maybe we started off too fast, probably too excited about the prospect of running in good weather for a change. it was our most silent run to date, neither of us strong enough to start a conversation. so it was just two people running in the afternoon sun, the only sounds were that of our respiratory system panting for air and running shoes striking the pavement.

a bit of history in the making: i have never ran with another person on the weekend before. i could never find anyone who was interested in doing it (anyone so runcrazy that they'd sacrifice valuable weekend time to feel like crap for about 30-60 minutes), so i've always gone by myself...until today that is.

shortly after we got back to the office, todd arrived, coming in to take some work home. when he left, eliza and i stayed in the office briefly to chat about such matters as body images (for instance, the fact that anthony michael hall has no neck now because he's so huge), cold mugs of water in our hands, ice cubes clinking, before finally catching our breath and driving away in our respective cars.

nothing says boston than the charles river, the john hancock tower, the prudential building, and the citgo sign!

today officially marks the 14th consecutive day that i've been to the office. i was at work last saturday and sunday (although only working on saturday), and likewise, i was here all of this weekend as well (although once again, only worked on saturday). that's masochism, right?