what time i woke up today
woke up at 2pm today, after having gone to bed last night at 4am. if i had stayed up another 2 hours, i would've pulled an unknowing allnighter. nothing makes a day disappear faster than waking up late. by the time i got up, i didn't feel like doing anything and then i watch the remaining few hours of daylight dwindle away to darkness.

my usual weekend routine goes a little something like this: the first thing i do is i fumble for my glasses. sometimes i put it on the dresser, sometimes i leave it on the floor underneath the bed. i'm pretty much blind without them, and if i don't remember where i put them the night before, then i'm in for some more awkward blind fumbling. as soon as i find my glasses though, i hit the bathroom. after that, i stumble back into my bedroom, get back in bed, find the remote control (a lot easier, now that i can see), and watch a little bit of tv to acclimate myself to the day before getting up for real. once i'm up, i usually go out to check the mail, since by the time i'm up mail has already been delivered. instead of using the mailslot, we have a mailbox outside our front door. if i don't go out at all, then this is the only time during the day where i actually set foot outside (although only for a second). i usually open the door and check to see if anyone is coming down the street (whether it's pedestrian or car). if there is, i close the door for a few seconds and wait until they pass before going back outside. why? cause i'm a antisocial recluse and i shun human contact. also in the mornings i look like crap, my hair's all sticking up, i'm in my underwear, i don't want to scare the neighbors, it's all about keeping up a good appearance. once mail is checked, that's usually when my day starts.

no more korean box lunch specials?
i've had an unconfirmed report from amanda rawson that suishiya is no longer carrying korean box lunch specials anymore. she said she went about 2 weeks ago and they had changed the menus and there was no mention of the box lunches. she did go during the evening (not during lunch), and they might have a different menu for dinner. i went 10 days ago with eliza and they still had the box lunch specials (as for prompt service, that was a different story). however, if this bad news turns out to be true, there are always other places to go. i hear koreana has some pretty good lunch specials as well...

india-pakistan conflict
i'm probably showcasing my ignorance and prejudice, but i can't tell the difference between a pakistani versus an indian. one doesn't eat beef, the other can't eat pork, right? (as told to me by alex, who learned it by watching gandhi). is that pretty much it? if they're so similar, then why are they fighting?

my two most useful reference books when writing my weblog
secret revealed! they are rodale's the synonym finder and the complete rhyming dictionary edited by clement wood. two indispensible tools for anyone who's in love with words (bear in mind, in love with words is different from in love with reading). the thesaurus i use because you never want to play the same word more twice in a paragraph (although i've been guilty of this many times). the synonym finder was actually a gift from an uncle of mine back in the 80's. he saw that i loved reading the thesaurus and decided to give me his copy. the rhyming dictionary is good for those times when i want to get creative with the way i write something. not many people know this, but sometimes i will rhyme words to make them more mellifluous. or i might secretly sneak in some alliteration for no good reason other than my love for the words. the rhyming dictionary i have i bought in 1992. and for those occasions when i need to find the definition of a particular word, i consult my american heritage dictionary of the english language, third edition. i like that dictionary because there are lots of photos and nice line drawings within.