my first day back to work started with a sardine can subway ride from harvard square to kendall square with sam, the new production guy who lives in belmont as well. i mailed off my package at the kendall post office and then walked to binney street. when i got to the office, everyone seemed to know that i was sick yesterday, and i think there was even some false rumor going around that i might've been deathly ill. soon afterwards i had a project status report meeting. no lie, maybe it was the three days i spent at home deprived of human contact, but when i saw the radiant visage of eliza, carrie, and amanda, i couldn't have been any happier, reunited with my three coding muses*. with meeting over i reluctantly went back upstairs and started my rigorous day of programming, a cup of soothing warm water by my side (one of these days i'm going to scald myself with that hot water dispenser, i kid you not my friends), all nestled in my own little cozy corner, totally focused like a beam of industrial strength laser.

for lunch i went to max's, got myself a medium bowl of gumbo which is the traditional food of choice on a cold day. after finishing my soup i was startled by the appearance of laurie rogers out of the blue, laughing at my utterly confused state. it was her day off, she came by to visit everyone, her former coworkers. she hung out for a little bit, spent some time browsing my humble weblog. it was kind of bittersweet looking back at my old entries, back during the days when laurie still worked here. we had some good times!

i left work close to 9pm, john miller gave me a ride home in the crimson john mobile. driving along storrow drive, he told me of his post srm plans. from the window i saw the relections of the cambridge lights glittering on the surface of the charles river. the illuminated boston skyline punctuated by the animated neon glow of the citgo sign flashing intermittently. the road swimming with shiny headlights. i come home, i eat a little dinner, i watch a little tv, i write a little weblog, and i do a little sleep.

tomorrow i go back to work. not much longer now. everything coming to an end.

oh yeah, i missed another new episode of the gilmore girls, but the celtics' overtime win over the new york knicks sort of made up for it. i also watched smallville.

* secret santa if you're reading this, i know i said today i wanted a jacket with tassles, but i've since changed my mind. i think i would much rather have a nice framed photo of the three lovely ladies of loon!