woke us this morning to see that it was still snowing. judging from the snow cake on top of the birdfeeder, i figured we accumulated over 4" of snow during the night. i was very happy to see birds feeding at the feeder. all the usual winter birds gathered around for their free sunflower seeds: cardinals, house finches, sparrows (ugh), juncos, and chickadees. there was an even a squirrel feeding underneath on the spilled seeds.

the snow coupled with the fact that i still wasn't at 100% made me call laurie to cancel our sunday dim sum appointment. hearing the disappointed in her voice, i decided to go anyway even though i told her i wanted to cancel at first.

close to 10am i found myself standing on a street corner in harvard square, waiting for the familiar grey volkswagon to pull around the corner. snowflakes were peppering my hair, i was listening to my mp3 player, sucking on a ricola cough drop, and occasionally blowing my nose. soon afterwards laurie arrived. her work friend sinali was suppose to join us but she had an open invitation and because she wasn't there, we assumed she took a raincheck due to the bad weather.

leaving the parking lot, laurie was raving about these pair of fleece mittens she recently bought. i myself am not a big fan of mittens. they remind me of flipper arms, and those have always scared me. because of the bad weather (not a lot of people braving the elements to come out), we didn't have to wait to get a seat for dim sum. as soon as we sat down, we were quickly bombarded with several carts offering us tasty dishes. this has never happened before, usually it takes a bit of waiting for the proper food tray to roll around.

in the restaurant there was a little boy we called the angry boy, who would occasionally break into a loud and tearful tantrum, causing the whole place to fall silent and stare at the commotion. the whole time we were in there, he sat scowling in his seat, not eating, not moving, just angry. it's weird seeing a little kid with so much rage. wonder what he's going to be like when he grows up.

after dim dum laurie gave me a ride to the cafe, where business as usual meant that i would be going to some more open houses even though this morning i decided the weather was bad enough that we should cancel. but by noontime, it had stopped snowing and everything was slowly melting. we focused on only properties in brookline for today, and even saw a place in jamaica plains (on the border of brookline).




after seeing all the open houses, nothing really stood out. well, except for one apartment, one that we wandered into accidently. it was way out of my price range (half a million dollars), but the space was so gorgeous and huge, with a roof deck and of course parking. it was so amazing, i couldn't even bare to take any photos because i didn't want any reminders of what i will never be able to have! i really like the fact that brookline apartments usually have parking, but what i really don't like is the green line.


when i came home, i took the opportunity to take some photos of birds...and one photogenic squirrel.