john and i took a break from all our worries (work) and went on a walk midafternoon to charles street and the boston common. it definitely calmed me down, at least i was getting just a little piece of this nice sunday and not cooped up the entire weekend in the office. it was the second day of the head of the charles, but because we were too far from the action (i.e. down closer to harvard), we didn't see any rowing boats. we stopped by a sandwich shop on charles street for a late lunch, then we came back to work.

boston autumn

charles street
sandwich shop



today i also did an inventory of all the gadgets i have at work:

sony walkman

irez krittercam

epson nimh
battery recharger


casio mini
2" lcd tv

swatch watch
(hands don't move,
the numbers move)

and of course the mother of all gadgets, the one that i use almost everyday, the nikon coolpix 950 digital camera i used to shoot all the photos. oh, i also forgot the rio 500 mp3 player i have in my jacket pocket.

after work (8:40pm) i met up with my friend amanda rawson. i showed her around the office space which she's never seen before, and before we left we made labels for ourselves with the label machine and promised each other we'd wear them for the rest of the night. mine said hot bitch!, hers read ms.bisextor. we took the t into chinatown. on the escalator up out of dtx, amanda purposely dropped an empty sprite bottle down the side ramp, just to see what would happen. the bottle slid down and then ricocheted into the escalator, where it seemed like it would perpetually tumble downwards, until it finally came to a complete stop. we went to suishiya for dinner even though it appeared they didn't have the box lunch specials. we found out later that if you asked them, they do have it, just not advertised during nonlunch periods. drats! nevertheless, our orders of sushi was quite filling (and probably healthier, since there's no fried stuff). amanda had the all vegetable combo, i chose an assortment of fish sushi. in the end i finished the rest of amanda's leftover sushi while she played with the ginger slices with her chopsticks in a most improper manner. her favorite saying tonight was "you're nasty!" or "that's nasty!"

afterwards we came back to the office (where our cars were parked), but not before posing with the 69 post. when we finally did get to our cars (after passing through some pretty nasty smells -- is kendall square the new jersey of boston?), we hugged good bye and we each went our separate ways.




this is so bullshit, i am so ready to throw in the towel. it's a gorgeous sunday outside, warm, 70's, everybody's out enjoying the weather, and i am stuck in this god awful office, illuminated by the artificial flourescent lights, breathing in artificial circulated air, working on this project that i've seen one too many times. since i've been back from my vacation, i've been thrown into this crazy time sensitive fray of a project with no time to catch my breath or relax. nothing would make be feel better right now then to march into the boss's office tomorrow morning and announce my resignation. yeah, that's right, i said it. if only to stop this neverending schedule! maybe i'm just venting, but my disgruntleness level is definitely on high today.