yankees beat the oakland athletics tonight after losing their first two home games. they came back and won three consecutive games to win the series. it's a real story book ending. now they go up against the seattle mariners in the league playoff. it's funny, but i was almost rooting for the yankees. for a red sox fan, you sure talk funny! no no no, hear me out! with all the things that's been happening, the world trade center bombings, the anthrax scare, new york city has been seriously demoralized. it's nice to see the city get a lift in spirits by having their beloved yankees stage a come from behind series playoff win. with mayor guiliani cheering in the crowd, with the singing of "oh beautiful", the new york yankees have almost become american's team. when the yankees win, we all win. god, it hurts me so much to say that, but in some way that's how i feel.




after work today i went running. last thursday's run with john was so successful, i was very optimistic that today's run would be just as successful. boy, was i wrong. because i wasn't running with anyone, i had nobody to pace myself with, so i inadvertedly ran too fast to the charles river, expending most of my energy, panting heavily before the real running even started. so i went around the charles, pretty exhausted, my lungs on fire, concentrating on breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth, wiping the sweat from my face with the sleeves of my t-shirt. although on a few occasions i wanted to stop, through sheer will power i kept on running and made it all the way to the base of the longfellow bridge before walking back to the office.

does this mean i'm now a running person? because i run alone, it can't be a social event. i must do it because i like it in some sick masochistic way. who would've ever thunk?

this weekend, with all the anthrax coverage on television, i felt like i had contracted the deadly bacteria myself. any sort of physical discomfort i immediately attributed to anthrax exposure. ache in my neck? anthrax. soreness on my sides? anthrax. general feeling of malaise? anthrax.

the fact that i downed two whole bags of potato chips and drank gallons of soda while lounging in my bed all weekend long watching television probably had nothing to do with it, right?

how can we stop biological weapons? it's hard enough finding osama bin laden, but imagine trying to find lethal, microscopic anthrax? i try not to think about it. if i did get it, i'd be famous, nth anthrax victim. but getting anthrax definitely has a negative effect on one's social life. "aren't you the guy who contracted anthrax?" "no baby, i'm cured." "um...sorry, not interested." it's like modern day cooties. maybe it's better i don't get it after all.