i went to the hampton this weekend (with john, dan, and cymara) and i just got back. i ended up with 517 photos, a painful sunburn on my back, and some sweet stories -- which i will share with you tomorrow because right now i am too tired to try to write it all down. stories like sleeping with two actresses, crazy tmi drinking game, long island speed traps, taking a friend to the emergency ward of the hospital, watching mike mussina miss pitching a no-hitter versus the red sox with yankee fans, a bad valerie bertinelli made-for-tv movie, and a couple of celebrity sightings.

i did put up some photos on my photopoint website, 50+. if you like a sneak peak, please feel free to take a look.

like i said, i will elaborate tomorrow. right now i just want to take a shower and go to sleep.

update: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4

i woke up again alone in my room. it seems that while i was sleeping, megan drove roseanne to the train station to go back to nyc. oh no, i didn't get a chance to say good bye! eventually one by one we each got up, a little bit sad knowing that this would be our last day in the hampton. everyone had breakfast downstairs. dan started on his liquid diet with a serving of yogurt.

after we ate, john, dan, and myself drove into town to get dan's prescriptions made out. in town we came face to face with the kind of people who summer here in the hampton. if we acted all sophisticated, who's to know that we weren't from around these here parts? unfortunately it doesn't take long before i start wrestling with the store display at rite aid, which is exactly what i did. fish out of water, i am. we also made plenty of oxycontin jokes, since we were dealing with a drug transaction. with the prescriptions being an hour before they would be filled, we decided to go back home and wait it out.

at the house we found deanna and megan lounging on the enclosed porch. john and megan were on the swings, a few "i'm swinging with your boyfriend" jokes were fired, and before we knew it, we were on the topic of words that make us cringe. apparently words like moist, panty, and crevasses make certain people uncomfortable. so of course we decided to use them as often as possible in our conversation!

an hour later we (the boys) headed back out to pick up dan's drugs. we then went to the local supermarket to buy some groceries for lunch. it was here that i had my second celebrity run in. i saw deborah harry check out with her groceries, followed by an oldish brunette dressed in a black leather vest. i think i was slightly starstrucked, that's why i didn't snap a quick photo of her while she was leaving the supermarket. she had this weird duo colored hairstyle and she was kind of out of shape. still -- deborah harry!

we came back with the food and fired up the barbecue again and had a nice lunch outside in the hot labor day sun. burgers and hot dogs, i'm so glad none of us were vegetarians! of course dan couldn't eat any of the stuff and had to feasted on some more liquid food. we had to eat the burgers on pita bread because they didn't have anymore burger buns at the supermarket. also, i bought these packets of flan pudding for everyone but nobody wanted any so dan and i split them.

after lunch, it was time to get back into the water one last time before we go:

megan was the first to leave. she originally planned on going earlier (i'm assuming to beat the traffic going back into nyc from long island), but ended up staying a few hours longer. i appreciated all the bonus hours we had of megan, and was sad to see her go, but all weekends must come to a close, even a magical west hampton weekend where i got to pretend i was a pool boy! anyway, i digress. soon after megan left, it was time for us (john, dan, and myself) to leave as well. we said good bye to deanna (who was staying behind), packed up our stuff, got into the car, and started our journey home.

at orient point we got ice cream as the ferryboat pulled up to bring all the cars to new london. i snacked on barbecue sunflower seeds on the upperdeck as the ferry pulled away and to the direction of connecticut, with the sun slowly setting in the west. it was a fitting conclusion to the weekend, watching the sunset on the water.

the drive from new london to boston, john and i had a nice long chat about radio stations and his college heydays of being a radio personality. somewhere in massachusetts we had to stop at a shady rest area and let dan off. let's just say the liquid diet thing didn't sit so well for dan. that rest stop was definitely suspicious though, and all i could think of was that scene in there's something about mary. despite the fact that the bathrooms were out of service and locked, there were a lot of cars and semi-trucks just parked there for no apparent reason. we were afraid that dan might be held against his will but were relieved when we saw him coming back to the car, safe and sound. we quickly sped away from that dubious location and continued our journey back to boston.

thus concludes my long weekend in long island! it took a while to finally document that particular weekend, but it's finally finished!