if you're reading this, welcome to the new server! just like the old site, but with more broken links until i can get everything straightened up.

www.iamtonyang.com has moved! i finally made the switch. you will probably not notice the difference, other than some increased speed. i went with www.sharpwebinnovations.com, got the 100MB plan. this is 10x more than what i had at tiac.net. currently it's propagating info about the new DNS servers, but hopefully in a day or so www.iamtonyang.com will point to the new server. in the meantime, this website can be accessed directly through the ip number which is all new content will be placed on the new server starting tonight.

i'm also looking to dump tiac.net. maybe. i'm not very happy with them, and i hardly use their services anyway, other than webspace and mail server. the reason why i stuck with them for so long is that i'm afraid people will get confused if i jump around to different isp's. remember that mindspring.com fiasco a few years ago? tiac.net is only good if my dsl dies and i need to get emergency e-mail access through a dialup connection via modem. but is that worth $15/month that i'm paying now? maybe i can find a cheaper dialup isp. something in the $10/month range.




tonight will be my last night of working late. tonight will be my last night of working late because tomorrow morning this project is due. i don't expect to sleep tonight. after tonight, my body will be completely destroyed. i'm going to use up all my rocket fuel to make this final push to get the coding done. the life of a programmer. i've been down this road many a times.

hopefully this time tomorrow i'll be free of this project and i can finally breathe a sigh of relief. i can finally get my life back! if only for a little while, until the next project rolls along.