bernard herrmann - taxi driver theme
elvis presley - suspicious mind
jermaine stewart - we don't have to take our clothes off
scritti politti & shabba ranks - she's a woman
lone justice - go away little boy
madonna - holiday
fleetwood mac - seven
del the funky homo sapien - mistadobalina
tears for fears - everybody wants to rule the world
renegade soundwave - biting my nails
blair - have fun go mad
aasha bhosle f. apache indian - yeh ladka hai allah
bee gees - more than a woman
elton john - sad songs
beautiful south - you keep it all in
tom tom club - genius of love
dixie chicks - can't hurry love
my life with the thrill kill kult - do you fear (for your child)
dimitri from paris - the groove ep (vocal mix)
gene loves jezebel - dessire (12' version)
king britt - last night a dj saved my life
peaches - aa xxx
dan hartman - instant replay
hues corp - rock the boat
the emotions - you've got the best of my love
bee gees - jive talking
jurrasic 5 - world of entertainment
jurrasic 5 - improvise
laura cantrell - two seconds
moby - cecil b. demented theme

  • i was pretty tired this morning having slept only 4 hours last night because i was up doing some programming work. i finally had to go to bed because i was too sleepy to continue. i went to work pretty stressed because i still had some dangling programming issues, but the day came and left with just a fizzle, and i really didn't have anything to worry about. i think the fact that i'm not very worried makes me very worried. does that make sense? july is going to totally suck.
  • today was jonathan's last day. more than half of the company took him out to lunch buffet at a local indian restaurant. it's sad to see him go. reminds me of how many more freelancers we have and how many more good byes we have to go through. that's why we should love our freelancers like everyday is their last day! i wish they could all stay.
  • i had something embarassing happen to me in the office today. my amazon.com purchase finally arrived. unfortunately it didn't have my name on it, so todd opened it up to see what it is, and then sent an e-mail to everyone asking if anybody's expecting some books. i had to go claim them from his office when i read the message. it was embarassing, because one of the books was the men's health hard-body plan with a photo of a very chiseled torso on the cover, which looked more like gay porn than an exercise book! all this happened at the same time i was getting people in the office to take the gay test at thespark.com. i scored 39%, which is higher than normal (normal being 31%). dan score just a percentage point lower than me at 38%. amanda took the test as well but she wouldn't reveal her percentage, i just know that it's lower than 50% (but it must be pretty high because she was embarassed to tell us -- hey, lesbian office managers are all right in my book!).
  • because of the farewell lunch, i wasn't able to run today. i was hoping to do it after work but meghan -- my running partner for the day -- backed out at the last minute. it's for the best, i couldn't keep up with her anyway. i might do some running tomorrow morning though, right before i go to the movies with alex wong. which reminds me -- have to get some new music for the mp3 player. the playlist is getting kinda stale.
  • talked to ayse again on aim. she told me to buy a life preserver for turkey, because we'd be doing a lot of water related activities, and she doesn't want "any of her friends to drown." oh, that's nice. she bought dave one from rei -- apparently he doesn't know how to swim either, not even float. and i thought i was the only one!