matt mcmahon -- programmer, husband, father -- informs me that "sleeping like a baby" isn't such a pleasureable thing after all. he tells me that when babies sleep, they poop and piss on themselves and when they wake up they're crying. nasty! so i have to re-evaluate my position on "sleeping like a baby" for future reference.

i had the opportunity to witness firsthand the secret inner workings of a young woman shopping for shoes today.

me: how many pairs of shoes do you own? 20?
amanda: no, more than that.
me: 30?
amanda: somewhere between 20 and 30.
me: that's not that much. (lie)

i think we visited 4 stores before amanda actually found the shoes she was looking for, despite the fact that she told me, "i already know what i want." sigh. it wasn't that bad, i got to see a lot of women shoes which i normally wouldn't have the chance to because i wouldn't be visiting these stores.

i still don't understand the attraction women have towards shoes. how many pairs does a person really need anyway? i see shoes more as functional items, not necessarily for fashion. you got your everyday comfy shoes, you got your exercising sneakers, you got a pair of dressy shoes, and maybe depending on where you live in the world, maybe a pair of snow boots. that's it.

although i don't necessarily agree to the concept of shoe hoarding, i can still appreciate women shoes. i personally have a dislike for platform shoes, i make no secret of that. i call them "frankenstein shoes" or "clunkers" because of the way they sound. i think some women like them because it's a self-esteem issue, since it makes them appear taller, albeit at the expense of wearing some ugly footwear. it works for some women, but if i was a lady, i wouldn't touch them. i prefer shoes with heels. i'm not talking 6" stilettos, just a little bit of heel is okay. i also really like mules for some reason.

disclaimer: i do not have a feet or shoe fetish! i swear!