ingredients: 42 pieces of wings in assorted flavors (mild, hot, and gourmet), a powerful large screen projection tv (with stereo-surround sound of course), a handful of hungry sixers fans. what does that make? a rowdy night of nba finals watching, that's what! it was at john miller and dan kuehner's place, and everyone in the room was a sixers fan, so i didn't have to get up on anybody's face about them rooting for the wrong team (those damned lakers). the pregame build-up involved feeding our faces with hot steaming wings, watching fox sports you gotta see this! series of painful blooper reels (beam balls, rodeo clowns, nasty wipeouts), followed by the beginning of the red sox vs. detriot tigers game (red sox ended up losing, on latino night no less, but i didn't feel so bad, as explained later on). the nba game started at 9pm and everyone was transfixed watching. during commercial breaks we'd PIP in the red sox game then later the X-Men movie. now if you don't know me very well, then you don't know that I get pretty crazy when i watch these nba games. i'm talking about leaving my inhibition at the door, using saucy language, and directing mad trash talking to opposing players. as the night wore on, a few times my high decibel warcries came dangerously close to waking the neighbors/landlords, who probably were sleeping soundly in their beds, not realizing the explosive brew cooking in their rented apartment. the lakers started out with the lead and things didn't look so good for the sixers, but then artificial intelligence (a.i. allen iversion) suddenly got hot and busted a hole right through the lakers' sorry excuse for a defense, capturing the lead. the sixers then lead for most of the rest of the game. the regulation ending was slopping so we headed into overtime, where the sixers won in dramatic come-from-behind fashion to serve the lakers their first dish of cold hard defeat (lakers having not lost a single game in this season's playoff -- until now that is). i left brighton with a warm fuzzy feeling deep inside, knowing that tonight i will sleep like a baby because the sixers just totally bitchslapped the lakers in l.a.

do the cardinals (the baseball team) even have a logo? amanda and i compete to see who can draw the better cardinal. you be the judge!

amanda's cardinal
(or is that a king penguin?)

my cardinal