for those who are curious about what i'm listening to on my rio 500, be curious no more my friends as i am about to share with you my mp3 playlist!

internal smartmedia

external smartmedia
leo sayer - you make me feel like dancing
michael jackson - candy girl
johnnie taylor - just the one i've been lookin' for
plunkett & macleane soundtrack - house in motion
cat stevens - here comes my baby
erasure - heart of stone
beck - deadweight
lo fidelity allstars - battleflag (full version)
tony toni tone - if i had no loot
positive k - i got a man
scandal - warrior
lindsay buckingham - holiday road
wiseguys - body in motion (mitsubishi commericial-good coolbreeze edit)
mirwais - disco science
pink martini - sympathique
creatures - fury eyes
bangle - hero takes a fall
elvis costello - everyday i write
morcheeba - crystal blue persuasion
george michael & aretha franklin - i knew you were waiting
wham - i'm your man
billy squire - the stroke
aztec camera - good morning britain
the real thing - you to me are everything
bob crewe - barbarella
gene loves jezebel - jealous
danielle dax - whistling for his love
soup dragons - divine thing
leila forouhar - ballady
towa tei & bebel gilberto - batucada
brian ferry - i'm in the mood for love
heart - never run away
dan hartman - i can dream about you

walking by a dumpster near the office this afternoon i noticed these stacks of books. i went into the office and immediately alerted john miller, partner in crime and fellow bibliophile, as we quickly raced outside to check out the stash of unwanted reading material. now i'm no magnum p.i., but from the looks of it, probably a college student was moving out ('tis the season!) and decided to dump his/her unwanted textbooks (instead of selling them back to the university, which was what s/he should've done!). john and i shared the loot and hauled back to the office armfuls of used text. most of the books i'm leaving at work to fill my bare shelves, but i'm going to carry with me a world destroyed: hiroshima and the origins of the arms race because i think it'll make me look smart when i "read" it on the T.