i got the news this morning: the chinese HVAC repairman who came over yesterday gave me his estimate at $2200 to replace my old furnace with a new high efficiency furnace. as my father was telling me, this guy has the cheapest price. much lower than GEM plumbing, which wanted $3300-3800 for an 80% efficiency furnace and $5000 for a 90% efficiency; and much much lower than addarios which was asking at least US$9000. not sure when this guy will start but he might purchase the furnace tomorrow and leave it in the basement to work on it next week.

not much happened the rest of the day. it was still windy out with intermittent rain, so i stayed indoors. as i was bored, i couldn't stop snacking, and everything i went to go use the bathroom and check myself on the scale i could see my weight increasing. maybe my scale is inaccurate but i must've put on 4 lbs. today, from morning to night.

i looked up various online photo book printing services: shutterfly, blurb, and snapfish. shutterfly had the most templates, but blurb had the best user interface (both web-based app and standalone app - with the standalone possibly supporting foreign language fonts). snapfish was also good and probably the cheapest of the bunch, with an easy-to-use web-based app as well. my mother wants to print out a photo book of her snapshots from the taiwan trip she took back in march. while researching for her, it dawned on me that it'd be cool if i did one for myself of my western sichuan trip back in august. i've never printed a photo book before so it'd be an interesting experience.

for dinner i boiled some chicken tortellini and mixed it with a simple from-the-jar tomato sauce combined with some steamed spinach. i ate while watching some thursday night football, drinking a bottle of old fashion root beer, old red eye brand. it tasted a little bit like our local moxie soda, but still nothing like the complexity of IBC root beer, which is the standard for root beer aficionados. all that pasta (and was there cheese?) made me a little gassy afterwards but that's where living single has its advantages.

* replace sister's cablemodem with new docsis 3.0 cablemodem, but unit already registered to someone else, so i couldn't switch over the phone and had to go to the comcast office in somerville to do it. i went home and grabbed my leased comcast cablemodem along with the old cablemodem so i could switch that over to my account. then back at my sister's place i couldn't get the modem to work because i didn't realize the new modem had all sorts of lights and white was the same as green.

* went to the assembly square mall with my mother, visited the christmas tree shoppe to buy some glass jars (found the 5L variety, the same price as 4L, they look similar, but i just happened to have 2 that were different sizes and i was able to grab 2 large ones instead). also bought a 12 pack of classic root beers and a 4 pack of sarsaparilla. later we went to acmoore.

* i fixed the brother HL-2070N network laser printer. the trick was to turn off and on the printer, not just hit the start button. i debugged the problem by connecting directly to the switch in my bedroom and pulling up the printer's networking manual online.

* kombucha: 5L of water measured in the glass jar first then poured into the stock pot and heated. 10 teabags (red rose) and more than a cup of sugar. tea finished at 7:30, by 11:30 it was still 90 degrees, but i couldn't wait and dropped in a scoby. not sure if this batch will be successful because 1) i added the scoby when the tea was still warmer than optimal, 2) the overall room temperature is getting colder, and 2) first batch doesn't have enough bacteria to completely digest 5L of black tea before it goes bad.

my appointment with the furnace replacement company was this noontime. the guy actually called around 11:00 and asked if i was available so he could come over. 20 minutes later he was here. i was surprised when i found out it wasn't the company i dealt with last time (GEM plumbing) but a different company. i took the guy downstairs to see the furnace, he just sort of glanced at it without any additional inspection. i found out soon afterwards that he was just a salesman, not any sort of actual repairman. back in the house, he gave me his pitch. i could tell it was going to be expensive, because he kept on pushing the more high-tech heating technology, kept reminding me i could finance it (installments paid over the course of 7 years), and kept bringing up the annual maintenance program i should up for ("for your peace of mind"). the quotes me gave me were in the $8000-12,000 range, far more expensive than i planned. the quote GEM plumbing gave me last year was around $3000 for an 80% efficiency furnace. when i told him this, he said there would be additional cost like lining the chimney ("which will cost you $2000") and i'd pay about the same as his quotes when everything was done. he also admitted that there was pricing gouging, as i found GEM the middle of last summer, while now - with winter fast approaching - it's more expensive to replace a furnace.

so i think now i'll live with my busted furnace. it still works, albeit not as efficiently, and it does generate a little bit of CO (which is safely removed through the chimney as long as the chimney isn't blocked up). i just have to make sure that CO detector is working. and once the winter is over, i'll look to replace in either in the spring or summer, whenever prices are at their lowest. i called my parents to let them know my decision, but my father happens to know a local chinese HVAC repairman, and he said next week he'll come over to my place and take a look and give me a second opinion.

once that was over, i made lunch in the form of my apple chicken sausage oatmeal. i had an old mango in the fridge i wanted to use up, along with some old blueberries. i added some leftover yogurt and blended myself a smoothie. what would've been a mango lassi turned out to be something different with the addition of blueberries. whatever it was, it must've been healthy at least.

the rest of my day until the evening was uneventful. the rainstorm finally arrived so there was no point in going outside. i did however go to star market and pick up a few more grocery items. but most of the day was spent watching television ("good guys" on netflix) and surfing the web. the new version of OS X came out (yosemite) and i patiently pinged the app store until the free update became available so i could upgrade my system. i don't like the subtle font change but i do approve of the new flatter UI. i think the use of transparencies but every once in a while i think there's something wrong with my LCD screen when it's just a weird transparency bruising. regardless, i can navigate the new OS X just fine, but it still feels a little alien for me. the last system i fully embraced was probably 10.6, and now we're 4 times removed from that OS and i feel like there are a lot of hidden functions about 10.10 that i just don't know or even have a use for if i knew how it worked.

around 7:00 i walked to upper somerville to buy a used DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem for $50. i passed by wings over somerville and decided to give them another try, now that they're the only wings place within my vicinity. besides, the patriots were playing a thursday night game against the jets which called for some wings action. i ordered the 10 piece gourmet parmesan for about $10. i think continued up the hill while my order was being made. i was to meet my seller at the front of the somerville senior citizen home on summer street at 7:30. i got there 10 minutes early and awkwardly stood on the sidewalk trying to not act too suspicious. my seller didn't want to at his house and i didn't have his phone number, so i was really afraid of being stood up. i even went inside the home to look around, thinking that maybe my seller was waiting there, but all i found were a group of old ladies smoking. looking back out on the street i saw a silhouette and waved to it. my seller arrived right on time and i made the buy. back at home i inspected the merchandise. the modem is actually a lot smaller than i realized, but practically new with all the plastic stickers still intact. i'll take it to my sister's place tomorrow and swap out her old DOCSIS 2.0 old with this new one, hopefully it'll improve her internet speed.

i came down the hill and retrieved my order, which took another 10 minutes before it was finally ready. by then the rain had started. one hand holding the umbrella while the other held my wings order, i didn't have a spare hand to work my camera to take any photos. it was a long walk home and i couldn't wait to get back. i took a quick shower before settling down for dinner in front of the HDTV with the game turned on. the box was smaller than wing works but the wings were about the same size, not as small as i remembered them to be. however, where was the sauce? wing works drown their wings in sauce, while wings over had virtually no sauce. they tasted more like the fried wings you'd get in a chinese restaurant than from a specialty wings restaurant. if i was grading them, i'd give them a C. not so terrible that i couldn't eat them, but made me yearn for the days of wing works.

the patriots jets game was a close one, with multiple lead changes. but i wasn't particularly worried, even when the patriots were down by 2 points in the final seconds and the jets had a chance to win if they could complete a long field goal kick. i'm not sure, but i think the jets might be eliminated from the playoffs following this loss, barring some sort of miracle. i kind of wish they won a little bit, so that the next time these two teams meet it might mean something.