* cleaning the basement, moved the 2 shelves to allow access to the walls, will do more cleaning the rest of the week until the insulation installation on friday.

* thinned out my snapdragons, zinnias, and cucamelons. was going to reuse some pots i was using to unsuccessfully germinate columbines but discovered that some of the tiny seeds had actually germinated, so left them alone.

* bicycled to belmont, planted some leftover snapdragon and cucamelon seedlings. after raking the front lawn, sprinkled some scotts fertilizer and weed control with a spreader. needs to be watered but i was hoping it'd rain (never did). sister brought home hailey in the late afternoon, i dogsat until 9:30. for dinner i had some leftover noodles.

hailey woke me up at 6:00. i let her outside to go use the bathroom. afterwards instead of returning to the bedroom she went to go sleep on the couch in the living room. i noticed i had a new system update for my phone. i'd already upgraded to CM12S (lollipop) more than a week ago; this was an additional update to fix some bugs that were discovered during the OTA process. it had a new feature called voice waking, where i can turn on the phone by just saying, "okay oneplus." but the most important thing was a fix for the battery drain bug. i'd been noticing it recently that the power gets used up much faster ever since i updated. i'd read about it online so i knew of the problem, but only began to really notice it the past few days, when even when not using the phone, the battery gets drained down to 20% or less.

checking the news, i saw the report of the 7.8 earthquake in nepal. there was just a handful of deaths, but later the number jumped upwards of 1000 fatalities, with perhaps even more as more information comes in.

i couldn't fall back asleep and passed away the time playing around with my phone until 7:30, when hailey returned to pester me. i finally woke up for good to give her some breakfast and surfed the web off of my laptop in the dining room.

my sister got in touch with me at 8:20, said something about coming to pick up hailey at after 11:00, when yesterday she promised me that she'd come and get the dog at 9:00. maybe her chinese is bad (after all, she never formally went to school to learn chinese), but she always seems to forget some crucial information when talking to us. it's like, she'll just tell us the punchline, but forget to mean the reason. so i was a little annoyed and told her she had to come and pick up hailey at the agreed upon time. what i didn't understand was she was planning on taking hailey hiking after 11:00, after she made lunch for my grand uncle. if she'd just explained it to me like that, i would totally understand.

anyway, she came at 9:00, and i went with her to home depot to pick up a few things: lawn fertilizer, rosemary to replace the one that died from not watering (the price has gone up from $2 to $4 a pot), and some metal posts. after dropping me off back in belmont, she went back home to fix lunch for my grand uncle, leaving hailey with me, since she'd be back later (so essentially it was a wasted trip for her).

i began working in the backyard starting at 10:00. there were a bunch of things to do: water the raised beds, trim the hedges in front of the house, prune the backyard maple tree (using the ladder), install the trellis for the snap peas and vining flowers, weed the dandelions, rake the dead grass off the lawn, fertilize the lawn, dig up the runaway bamboo rhizomes, plant one of the rosemaries, move the pile of dead logs, pick up any dog droppings, turn the compost. it took me 3 hours but i did (started at least) everything but fertilize the lawn.

the hardest thing was unearthing the bamboo rhizomes. it's scary how far they've spread, but at the same time satisfying when i pull up a clump that's 10-20 ft long. it's hell on the lawn but we can always reseed. it makes me think that we should just kill off all the bamboo, don't even bother growing them anymore. they are difficult to have in the backyard, not because they're hard to grow, but because once established, they quickly become evasive and take over the lawn. all my sweaty and dirty hard work and i think i've only managed to make a small dent. we basically have to dig out the entire southern edge of the backyard to stop the rhizomes from spreading to our neighbors.

my sister returned at 1:00. i was surprised when she told me the time because i thought it was 11:00, possibly noontime at the latest. i stopped what i was doing and gathered up my things to return to cambridge. being back at home is like a vacation now. i'm just used to being at home, close proximity to supermarkets, all my cooking ingredients if i wanted to make something to eat, and a comfortable bed that doesn't leave me itchy like my sister's old room.

i felt really tired, a combination of working in the backyard but also because i didn't get a good night's sleep, with the dog crowding me off the bed and the cold temperature at my parents' place. i crawled into bed at 3:00pm and didn't wake up until 6:00pm.

for dinner i heated up a brick of lasagna. while waiting for it to bake (an hour), i took a shower. i turned up my heat but at some point the bathroom door sprung open on its own and all that precious heat escaped; i ended up using the blowdryer to warm myself before i got dressed. i ate while watching godzilla on HBO. i hadn't seen this remake, and i only watched half of it before i got bored. first of all, they did a switch-and-bait when they had brian cranston playing one of the lead scientists. but he ends up dying after the first 20 minutes, and it's his son that's the main character, the kid from kickass. the godzilla in this movie is more true to the classic godzilla (nothing like the 1990's broderick godzilla remake), but a much fatter (muscular?) version. godzilla is also a good monster, which i have trouble understanding, considering all the collateral damage he causes (destruction of city, not to mention all the lives lost).

i did a google video conference call with andrew p. at 11:00 regarding the transfer of my beta wordpress upgraded AFBHS site over to his newly registered domain. i'd hadn't seen andrew in a while, not since the last high school reunion i attended, which was around 7 years ago if not longer. he looked good, easily pass for 30's, maybe even younger. he still lives in belmont (just a few houses down from his parents) and has 3 daughters. what was supposed to be a simple call lasted 90 minutes, as we were having difficulties transferring the site. the first attempt ended in failure, the second attempt seemed like an unknown. andrew ended up calling godaddy tech support, but while we were both listening to the hold music, the site finally transferred. he asked the technician how DNS pointing so the domain name can point to our new site.

i was finally able to leave by 12:30, to take advantage of free MBTA day (a gift to make up for the numerous bus/subway delays during this past winter). i could go anywhere, even as far as providence (rhode island) on the commuter rail, but i kept it light, would take the red line all the way into south boston to one of the new asian communities for some vietnamese pho for lunch. it seemed i wasn't the one taking advantage of the free day, as the subways were a lot more crowded than on a typical weekday afternoon.

i can't remember the last time i rode the red line this far south, must be 10 years at least. i recall a trip down to quincy to buy a used laptop online and the seller never bothering to show up. south station is the farthest south on the red line i normally go. it's actually super convenient from where i live (porter square), essentially a door-to-door service to get to anywhere on the southern red line. too bad the MBTA is so expensive now (remember those 60¢ days? now it's $2), it's cheaper for me to either take the motorcycle or just bike down.

i couldn't remember which station had all the southeast asian restaurants. i looked it up before i left the house (fields corner) but got confused and got off at savin hill. when i exited the station it didn't seem right, so i pulled out my phone to check and discovered i was off my one station. i took a photo and went back to the platform (thankfully it's free MBTA day) to wait for the next train 10 minutes later. it was a nice day, blue sky white clouds, but a bit breezy that required buttoning up a jacket when the wind picks up.

once the train approaches fields corner it goes on elevated tracks. looking out the window i could see the busy stretch of dorchester avenue. once i arrived at the station, i followed everyone out, making a mental note to head in the direction of where i saw some restaurants. i walked up to heroes' square, stopping in a citizens bank to get some money from the ATM. there were some vietnamese businesses, but the place seemed sparse. i kept on going north along dorchester avenue, looking for restaurants. i came across a pho hoa chain but that's usually the place i go for pho back in boston chinatown, so decided to look elsewhere. next door was pho le, which seemed like a fancy vietnamese restaurant (quite busy from what i could through the glass windows), which meant it'd be expensive. i wanted a more authentic and cheap experience, maybe a little mom-and-pop place. i kept going.

i got as far as freeport street before it looked like there wasn't anything more further down, so i turned back. where were the restaurants? the fine eating? i checked the map and saw some place called pho 2000 back at heroes' square. i made a stop at truong thinh asian supermarket. this was not the huge southeast asian supermarket i'd heard about. i bought a package of fishsnacks ($1.89), a jar of crispy spicy shrimp rolls ($3.99), and a can of baby corn (for my next salad). getting close, i saw a red line train flying through some buildings, courtesy of the elevated tracks.

pho 2000 was just what i was looking for. there was only one customer who was just about to leave. it had the simple menu with the many varieties of pho, daily specials written in vietnamese posted on the mirrored walls, and some sort of vietnamese variety show playing off of an overhead HDTV at the end of the restaurant. after i ordered a large bowl of pho (the one that had everything in it, $7.99) and some spring rolls ($3.99), i went to go use the bathroom. the spring rolls with the peanut sauce was delicious, and i was worried that i wouldn't be able to finish a large bowl of pho but finished it i did, was hungrier than i thought. i liked that they had 3 types of hot sauces. i asked the waitress if she knew where the large supermarket was. she told there are two: one of one i went to, the other (much larger one) was further up dorchester street. (later after i got home and looked on the map, phu cuong supermarket is actually closer to savin hill than fields corner - so maybe next time).

i stopped by a vietnamese bakery i saw earlier that sold banh mi sandwiches. there didn't seem to be much inside, except a counter that had all the essential banh mi ingredients. there were 3 kinds: headcheese, chinese chashu pork, and teriyaki beef - all for the same price of $3.50. i picked the teriyaki beef. i wanted to call up my 2nd aunt to ask her if she wanted one (since she frequently picks one up for me whenever she's in chinatown), but i'm not even sure if she likes banh mi sandwiches, and i didn't want to deal with the hassle of having to stop at the cafe, so i selfishly decided not to call.

the return trip was much easier, i just sat back and waited until we arrived in porter square. i walked home along mass ave, just for a change of pace. once i was home, i packed up some things and went over to belmont where i was dogsitting hailey overnight. in the car i could smell some of that stink from last night's grease trap cleaning. must've tracked some of that stuff inside. hailey was already home by the time i got there close to 4:00.

because of that big pho lunch i wasn't very hungry. i finally had dinner around 9:00, ate the banh mi sandwich, it was pretty good. later my sister called me to tell me once again her plans got cancelled, so she could've actually taken hailey back and i could've gone home. but i was already set to dogsit overnight, so she let me take care of hailey until tomorrow morning.

nothing like sleeping on fresh sheets, makes me not want to wake up in the morning. but i got up anyway, partly because sunmeng wanted to video chat for a little bit (10am). afterwards i set out my plants outside.

i've been using a bar of handmade hawaiian lavender-rose soap manny's sister sent me a while back. smells great, good lather, but looks a little weird because of all the bits of plants embedded inside. i don't mind, the ruffage adds some exfoliating benefits! it does makes me want to make my own soap this year. glycerin soap was a project i'd researched in the past, just because it looks pretty, but i think an opaque bar looks just as good.

since tomorrow is trash day, i was in the basement looking for things to throw out. in order to create more space, i relocated 3 of my bikes onto my backyard deck. on the actual day of insulation work (next friday), i'll move them inside the house temporarily to give the installers more space to work. with the bikes gone, i was able to move the old foosball table and gain access to my shelves. this also allowed me to finally throw out that rug that's been in the basement. there was a bit of mildew, but not as much as i'd imagined. in the next few days i'll continue to sort through my things and began to move the shelves away from the walls so the insulation guys can get access to my rim joist.

in the afternoon i packed up my things and drove to the wellington circle plaza shopping mall in everett. i went to harbor freight to pick up a moving blanket, some machine oil, a box of rivets, a pair of gardening gloves (nitrile working surface), and a can of okeefe's working hands hand cream. the hand cream was the main reason for being there: i saw a commercial for it on television while i was watching the price is right this morning, then went to their website to get more info. a hand cream that cures dry work hands? that's me! hundreds of positive amazon.com reviews had me sold and i knew i had to try it for myself. while dropping off the items in the car, i tried the hand cream. it's not greasy like some creams, but it did leave my hands a little sticky and the cream didn't actually dissolve as some reviewers had stated. i don't doubt it works, but there are other creams that are probably just as effective.

i went next door to ocean state job lot (OSJL), where i got some more gardening gloves ($2/each). i was also looking for some seedling starter trays, but they don't carry those anymore. i wanted them to start my foxglove seeds, but i'll just use some plastic food package boxes instead. i discovered that OSJL also carry freia brand chocolates, imported from norway. i recognized the brand right away from the chocolates frances sent me from oslo.

afterwards i skirted by tufts university to get onto route 16 to arrive in belmont. i didn't get back until 3:30, my sister had already dropped off hailey who greeted me as i opened the door. i hadn't been in belmont in 5 days, so i was horrified to discover that the 3 rosemary plants i bought were already all dried up. i quickly took them outside to water them, not sure if they can be revived.

in the garden, all the radish seeds i planted in the raised beds had emerged, little green lines of seedlings. the snap peas have finally emerged as well, about a 70-80% germination rate. in raised bed 4 there are some small seedlings that might be dill, i'll leave them along for the time being to see what they are. around the maple tree are seedlings that look similar to dill as well, not sure what those are. in raised bed 3, some unknown seedlings that i thought were snapdragons at first, but most likely they're hollyhocks, self-seeded from the main plant that sort of just appeared a few years ago. in the patch of perennial flowers at the end of the staircase are in fact actual snapdragon seedlings, identified by the reddish underleaf. in that area as well a lily has sprouted, protected by a tomato cage. and all the peonies have sprouted as well, including the perennial bed and the peony patch on the western border.

i got a chance to use the new spray nozzle i bought last friday. i ended up connecting two segments of rubber hoses so i can reach everywhere in the backyard. elsewhere, a second orchid flower bud had blossomed, as i watered the remaining plants. noticing a large patch of dandelions got me patrolling the backyard lawn doing some weeding.

i also brought home the dozen perennials (delphiniums/lupines) that i will eventually plant. since it was there first day in belmont, i didn't want to set them outside too soon, so i moved them into the sunroom after i finished working in the garden.

i had some ramen for dinner. my sister returned around 8:30. i returned to cambridge by 9:00. by then it'd started to rain. my aunt called me at 10:00pm, something about the backroom/kitchen sink in the cafe getting clogged and wanted me to take a look at it tomorrow morning.

i played around with my idol after reading about how this chinese-language iOS-exclusive app has been trending recently. my first avatar was an abomination: i didn't realize you had to get your whole head, not just your face, so my creation had no chin and a massive forehead. the second attempt was much better, but the software had problems recognizing the area of my chin where i have some stumbles: my idol does not like facial hair. i then made my avatar dress up in different outfits and perform in one of many scripted animations (sexy strut, pole dancing, etc).

i love my morning poo, because i'm always lighter afterwards. the surprise element is when i step on the digital scale and find out by how much. my current weight seems to fluctuate from 148-152 lbs. i'd like to get it into the lower 40's, and ideally the 30's. i'm hoping my recent weight gain is a side effect of our long winter, and i can finally shed a few pounds during our warmer months. but i think the main reason isn't the lack of exercise (even during the winter, i did a lot of snow shoveling) but rather too much snacking. if i must snack, i'm trying to keep it healthy, like a piece of fruit or some carrots, but every once in a while the temptation of a bag of potato chips is just too much. at today's weigh-in, i managed to get down to 147.6 lbs.

some of my seedlings have gotten big enough that i'm thinking about transplanting them outside, or at least give them some time to get used to the outdoor weather before final planting. today was another fairly mild 60's day, but the temperature will drop for the rest of the week with temperatures only in the 50's after tomorrow. there's plenty of sun in belmont and if i can get a decent cold frame set up, i can store some of these seedlings in there. primarily the delphiniums and lupines, which i started the earliest. i picked out 6 largest lupines and 6 largest delphiniums to take back to belmont. sensing my own backyard could use some perennials, i selected 6 more large lupines (no delphiniums though, they prefer full sunlight, while lupines can do with partial shade).

while inspecting my little planters outside i noticed 2 columbine seedlings emerging. i really don't know why the others haven't emerged, or maybe now is just the beginning and i might look forward to some more columbine seedlings.

i also took an inventory of all the plants i have in my grow closet:

rack positionwhat's growing
top8 snapdragons
8 best boy tomatoes
4 heirloom tomatoes
8 cherry tomatoes
middle10 lupines
17 delphiniums
10 sweet basil
1 eggplant
bottom6 lupines
2 delphiniums
8 (9) thai basil
9 eggplants
3 sweet basil
6 cucamelons
12 hot peppers

the list doesn't include the 6 lupines and 6 delphiniums i took away for belmont. the 6 additional lupines for my backyard were subtracted from the above list however. the thai basil has 8 seedlings and maybe an additional 9 but it's slow to grow and may be stunted. today the cucamelons have germinated so i uncovered them and added them to the closet (now with more room because i removed some plants). the cucamelons germinated pretty well, i'm almost regretting planting 2 seeds per pot. i may be able to salvage a few when i thing them out.

i ate a greek yogurt for breakfast but got hungry enough that i later ate a tea egg. in the afternoon i went to market basket to pick up some groceries. the weather was very nice, i didn't need a jacket, just wore a long-sleeved shirt. i bought a package of bacon that i'd later cook when i got back home. had all the doors closed, the windows and back door opened, and two fans blowing to vent out the smoke, quite the spectacle. nowadays when i cook bacon, i cook the whole package. i use a tall pot to contain the oil splatter, and a splatter guard as well.

in the late afternoon i spent some time in the basement cleaning out the clutter and seeing what i can throw out. i then remembered since yesterday was patriots' day, trash pickup won't be until thursday morning, so i won't be able to put out my trash until tomorrow. steve must've forgot because when he came home later, i heard him hauling out all our trash for naught. i did bring out a large 24 lbs. bag of barbecue brickets. i took one out and tried to light it but it failed; this happened to me with the last bag, keeping it in the basement causes it to absorb the moisture and lose it's ability to ignite. i threw the whole bag away, almost entirely unused since the last time i had a barbecue in my backyard, which was maybe 10 years ago. next time, use up the brickets faster, or leave them in the house to keep them dry.

by the time i left the basement, by clothes was covered in cobwebs and dust. i left the soon-to-be-transplanted plants outside on my backyard deck to get some real sun for a change. the slight breeze also does them good, strengthens their stems. i filled up my aquarium tank and did a load of laundry including washing my bedsheets.

it's my third and last night of salad and with each iteration i keep on adding more ingredients. tonight it was: red-leaf lettuce, scallions, celery, corn, chickpeas, and shredded bacon with an italian dressing. i'd forgotten my days of collegiate salad bars, but i've always liked adding corn to the mix for some sweetness and chewy texture. the bacon sort of got lost in the salad; i only chopped up 2 strips and they weren't crispy anymore (i didn't bother reheating them to try and crisp them up). still, it makes me feel better eating some animal protein instead of just relying on chickpeas (which made me a little gassy later in the evening, thank god nobody was around). i'm trying to think of what other ingredients i can add for the next time i eat salad again. cucumbers might be nice for some crispiness.

in the evening i discovered something weird with my EF 17-300mm telephoto lens: for some reason the focal length doesn't match up with the focal length on my other lenses. maybe it's an artifact of being a long zoom lens, but 200mm on my EF-S 17-200mm is not the same as 200mm on the EF 70-300mm. i tried to look up an explanation online but couldn't find one. bottom line is the 70-300mm is even a longer zoom than what the focal length numbers on the barrel implies.

even up to when i woke up this morning at 8:30 i was still thinking about biking into boston to meet up with julie to watch the marathon. but the ominous overcast outside and the fact that a major downpour was forecasted in a matter of hours finally made me decide to take the subway instead. i texted julie with my plan change. after a shower and a tea egg for breakfast, i left the house by 9:30, changing to some warmer layers of jacket once i realized how cold it was outside (temperature in the 40's). everything was fine until we got to park street, then there was the crush of people trying to get close to copley square and its vicinity to watch the race. i arrived in kenmore square by 10:40. there was a bit of security, as bags had to get checked as you exited the subway into the barricaded area (they attached a purple inspected sticker by mine fine off soon afterwards).

i packed just my everyday 18-200mm walking-around lens, with the goal of traveling light. i did think about bringing the 70-300mm lens as well, but i didn't like the idea of changing lenses in the wet, slippery rain, and the 70-300mm is purely a telephoto lens, incapable of capturing anything closer than a 3 ft distance.

we were meeting at the mile 25 mark on the route along beacon street, on a bridge over the mass turnpike and across the highway from fenway park. i'd never seen the race from here so was looking forward to the new scenery (normally i watch it from heartbreak hill, mile 20 in newton). while kenmore square was growing increasingly crowded, there was hardly anyone at this location, especially on the other side of the route, where that stretch of beacon street was entirely closed to traffic.

* the crowds were weird: a combination of seasoned marathon cheerers (with signs and folding chairs and the ubiquitous cowbells), local college students (high density of colleges and universities in the area), red sox fans (coming out of the stadium), and a high degree of people wearing what can only be described as "patriotic" wear (a lot of american flags draped everywhere, maybe because today is patriot's day, local massachusetts holiday in honor of paul revere's ride and the battle of lexington, but also because this marathon has become a symbol of american resiliency following the 2013 bombings). one thing that did surprise me was nobody sporting any 4-20 related marijuana outfits, either spectator or runner.

since i had some time, i walked down as far as park drive, searching for a way to get onto the other side of beacon street. i saw boston police commissioner william b. evans patrolling the route with a bodyguard. we exchanged hi's. he's on television a lot in regards to his role with the marathon bombing trial, and is quite a character, with his lanky build and his boston accent. he seemed to be well-liked within the department, as cops after cops greeted him as he made his way down the route. i got a chance to see the wheelchair divisions crawl up and across the bridge towards boston.

i walked back to the bridge right when julie texted me she was at beacon and maitland, arriving via hubway. she'd also invited another friend as well, who seemed to be back in kenmore square, on the other side of the beacon-commonwealth.

* mile 25 is a good spot, with the boston skyline as a backdrop. a bit windy and raw on the bridge, but warmer further down away. there were also strategically placed port-a-potties for bathroom breaks.

* i didn't realize this, but for the elite runners they have special tables set up at the 25 mile mark for them to pick up their own drinks. it didn't look like they were drinking water; i guess for the final mile, they take a hit of something (energy gel?) that will give them a quick burst of speed for the home stretch.

* after the elite runners went by it began to rain. imperceptible at first, until i realized by jacket exterior was soaked and saw julie and her friend's jackets covered in rain. fortunately i brought my umbrella, which i'd open and close depending on whether or not it was raining. it was never a downpour, but a soft and cold rain that made me wish i was back at home, dry and warm.

* julie got interviewed by a reporter from WBZ 1030 radio, the second time she's been in the media spotlight (she was on the news this past winter for crosscountry skiing in the streets of jamaica plain after a snowstorm).

* there seemed to be a red sox game because we could see and hear the crowd across the turnpike at fenway park. but it must've been delayed or cancelled once it began raining. later i'd find out the game was called after 7 innings with a red sox victory.

* security continued: bomb sniffing dogs combed through the area, and a police officer told julie that she couldn't leave her backpack on the ground but had to carry it at all times.

* chris ran right past us without either of us realizing it. julie only found out because his RFID tag said he was already past kenmore square. so she left to meet him at copley (via hubway), while i left soon afterwards (cold and wet anyway, not worth sticking around any longer) and grabbed the green line from kenmore square. train leaving the station was surprisingly empty, but as we passed copley station (which was closed today), i starting seeing marathon runners sporting those post-race mylar jackets.

* all that standing around really tired me out because i decided to take a nap around 5:30 and didn't wake up until 9:00. i made another simple vegetarian salad for dinner (red leaf lettuce, scallions, celery, onions, chickpeas), this time with some italian dressing. the rain continued, and seemed to be falling even heavier in the evening.

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* went to the museum at 11:00, stayed until 3:00

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a saturday of nothingness. the weather wasn't warm enough that i was tempted to go out so i spent the whole day indoors. i finished watching netflix's daredevil. i was entertained, but all the fight scenes bored me and vincent d'onofrio's performance as the kingpin was distractingly weird. maybe i need to cleanse out my eyes with another round of unbreakable kimmy schmidt.

the problem with being indoors for so long is the propensity for snacking; so much for that diet. in the afternoon a package arrived on my doorstep, some gifts from norway, including some chocolates and a rain jacket. the jacket is super nice, but in a size large while i am a small!

tomorrow i promise myself i'd make a trip down the harvard natural history museum, then possibly bike to belmont to check up on the garden. as for my own grow closet, today i planted 8 zinnias. zinnia seeds are not so delicate that i couldn't just sow them outdoors. for lunch i had a tea egg, for dinner the last batch of chicken salad sandwiches.

sunmeng dropped her phone in the toilet again while in her bathroom. one of the dangers of chinese squat toilets! i helped her pick out a new phone, the 100+ (the brand) V6 (model) for RMB$799 (US$130). i'd never heard of this brand before (new as of 2014), but the specs for the phone is pretty impressive: 8-core 2.0GHz, dual SIM cards, 32GB/2GB (no microSD card slot however), 5.5" 1920x1080px screen, 13MB/5MB cameras, and 3200mAh. from specs alone i'd be tempted to buy this phone if i was back in china. however, sunmeng got her old HTC phone working, so she's going to wait for the coolpad F1 to dry off completely to see if the phone really is damaged for good. this is actually the second time she's dropped the phone in water.

i let hailey outside for one final bathroom break last night. when she didn't return even after i called her, i went outside in the cold in my underwear to look for her. trying to find a black dog in the night is not an easy task; i turned on the backyard floodlight to help my search. she was hiding behind the bamboo groves. i couldn't reach her, all i could do was shake the bamboo stalks like bars in a cage to get her to come out. suddenly i felt the bamboos crashing like there was something heavy up above and then a loud fluttering sound overhead. what did i spook? maybe a large sleeping bird.

hailey woke me up at 6:00. i let her out again to go use the bathroom. i was afraid she wanted breakfast but when i crawled back into bed she quietly curled up in a ball on the other end. later she left to go sleep on the sofa, and maybe better to welcome my sister when she comes to pick her up. at 9:00 hailey came by to wake me up again. this time i knew she was hungry so i got up and scooped out 3 cups of dog kibbles added with some water. i video chatted with sunmeng briefly, about to go to bed in china.

i called my 2nd aunt to ask her about the ice cream freezer. she said ice had already formed on the inside, which meant it was cold enough (perhaps too cold?). however, we were both looking at the weather. ice cream is one of those seasonal food items. when the weather is hot, it sells, but when the weather is cold, it doesn't. our stretch of unseasonably warm weather this week (normally 50's, but we had 60-70's days) have disappointed customers coming into the cafe to find out we don't have any ice cream. this weekend looks to be another 60-70's stretch, but it's the weather next week that has us concerned, since it looks rainy and in the 50's, typical early spring weather. so we decided not to order any ice cream, since it'd only sell for this weekend, and then just for the rest of the week.

my sister didn't arrive until almost 11:00. once she took hailey, i packed up my things and left. i stopped by the watertown home depot to pick up a bag of manure ($5.77) and a new spray nozzle ($8.97). the weather was a bit raw, with an overcast sky and a cold drizzle. i returned to cambridge via greenough boulevard, between the cambridge cemetery and the charles river (another way would've been via coolidge avenue). i stopped by the community garden to drop off the bag of manure. there was no easy parking spots so i temporarily hazard-parked in front of a hydrant to drop off the bag before going home. i didn't eat lunch until around 12:30, a kielbasa sauerkraut english muffin sandwich with a pickle and a glass of orange juice.

i answered a call on my father's cellphone. a young woman (sun) was calling to find an apartment, the same girl who lived at my place last summer while i was still in china. the same girl who despite warnings not to do any cooking, cooked the crap out of my kitchen so that it smelled of oil long after she was gone? the same girl who left long strands of hair everywhere and even now i still find traces of her floating around? she called hoping that my apartment was still available, not realizing i (the homeowner) would be the person on the other end of the line. if she wanted a short stay i might've allowed it (make some vacation money), but she wanted an apartment from june to indefinitely. i told her about the vacant room at my grand uncle's place, but she wanted an apartment close to the subway, "like your apartment." good luck finding an affordable place for one person close to the T!

in the afternoon i returned to the garden once the rain had stopped, to mix in the bag of manure into my plot. i borrowed a digging spade and a weeding claw from the tool closet. i only worked about 2/3 of the garden, since the other side had some perennials and i didn't want to accidentally uproot anything until it had some time to emerge. i wore a pair of disposable vinyl gloves which had already ripped at the fingertips by the time i was finished. the city hadn't turned on the water yet, so i washed my hands in the pool of rainwater that'd accumulated on the trash can lids.

while i was at the garden, i also took a survey of what's growing.

i went out once more to star market to grab a box of strawberries and some klondike bars. the weather looked miserable, but no additional rain fell the rest of the day, and by day's end there was even some peeking of the sun.

in the evening i did a thorough watering of all the plants in my grow closet. the pots in the back are the hardest to reach. the lupines and some delphiniums are getting leggy, which means not enough light. i'll have to see if they're hardy enough to begin transplanting outdoors because soon they'll overgrow the ceiling level of the lights.

eggplants are weird: their leaves look wrinkled, like they're not getting enough water, but i think that's just the way they typically look. they seem to do well growing indoors, not getting leggy like some plants.

for dinner i made 2 chicken salad sandwich. later in the evening i had an urgent bathroom situation, but it wasn't too bad. it does make me think that the chicken might've gone bad. unfortunately there's still another serving of chicken, reserved for tomorrow night.

it'd only been tuesday night since i upgraded to cyanogenmod 12S, and one thing i noticed today is the photos are now exactly 4x3. in the past, photos taken with the oneplus one were a few pixels shorter, so when i resized them the dimensions were a little weird, which sort of bothered me. but now i see that the problem has finally been fixed.